My 1990 interview with teen idol, David Cassidy.

When I spoke to him he had been living in the U.K, working in musical theatre and cut a record that was making waves on the radio charts in North America.

This is the polaroid photo with David Cassidy. The guy in the back with the red shirt is Derrick Ross who once played with the Canadian band ‘The Spoons’. He was the Enigma Records contact person for Cassidy’s tour.

It was long after the glamour shots in Tiger Beat magazine and the 1970s sitcom The Partridge Family, when we had our six minute conversation on the phone. Cassidy had just turned 40.

That’s me on the left trying to get close enough to get a photo with David.

The music station I was working at was playing a song from that album called “Lyin to Myself”. Our talk was one in a set of media interviews organized in Canada to promote the album, the song and an upcoming concert tour.

I included this photo to give you an idea of how close people were to him.

Episode 17: David Cassidy is also available on iTunes.

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That’s my sister Ivana on the left getting close to David Cassidy. I believe they did get a photo of both of them looking at the camera at the same time.

Record release party invitation

A copy of the invitation to the David Cassidy record release party on September 25, 1990. I explained to Louise Poynton the host of the podcast David Cassidy Connections the significance of that date in David’s history. 

Follow up interview

Episode 20: David Cassidy Part 2 I speak to Alison, a member of a group in England who launched a campaign to get Cassidy into the Rock Hall and to have his back catalog of music and concert films released.

This is the cd/album David Cassidy was promoting. It was distributed by Enigma Records.