1991 John Mahjor

Do you listen to speak or do you speak to listen? Do you tell the story or would you rather listen to the story?

My name is Joe Pavia and my career as a radio news announcer began as a listener. Some of the best times in my early life were sitting with a group of older Italians on a hot summer night and listening to their stories and jokes. Listening to them was like experiencing a live newscast and a variety show combined.  Everyone had an opportunity to listen and to speak.

I have always enjoyed my role as speaker on the radio but what I really enjoyed most, was listening to the stories others had to tell, and then presenting those stories to the listeners. My role of retelling some of those stories is the subject of this podcast. Advancements in technology have allowed me to transfer audio from cassettes to the digital format.

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I dubbed a lot of interviews, newscasts and radio reports onto cassettes over the years. There were two reasons. The first was to listen back to my sound to see if there was any improvement in my read. The second was to collect the best audio for a demo tape to send to a potential future employer. I never threw any audio out and now share some of them in this digital format.  You will also find new interviews in the mix.

Station to Station, was the original name of the “great-Canadian-novel” that I was going to write after a back-packing trip to Europe as a young man. I never wrote that book but the title stuck with me even after finding out it was the name of a classic David Bowie album.  Station to Station has become even more relevant as I reflect back on more than 25 years of working in the radio industry.

Whatever the station in life, everyone has a story to tell; stories that are worth listening to.

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