Someone stole my 1990 David Cassidy radio interview and has taken credit for it as their own.

I received a copy of this fraudster’s interview from someone who heard the interview and realized it was mine and let me know.

The fraudster claimed the interview was done in 1990 at a radio station they worked at. While they may have interviewed David Cassidy that year the interview that’s making the rounds on a number of podcast sites is not their interview, but a re-recorded version of mine.

The fraudster edited my interview to make it appear that David Cassidy was a guest on their music show.  They deleted my voice and substituted their own, so that David Cassidy appeared to be responding to questions posed by them.  Most of the questions they used were mine and word for word, Cassidy’s responses were the one’s he gave to me.

Many of the fraudsters edits were sloppy; you could still hear my voice in some places. 

I admit that when I first heard about what this person had done I didn’t think anything of it. But after a detailed listen which included transcribing the fraudster’s interview, and an investigation of my podcast algorithm (where I found they were one of the top listeners of my Cassidy interview) I became extremely annoyed that I had been ripped off.

I posted my interview in November of 2017 around the time of David Cassidy’s death. You can listen to the interview, read the blog and see the photos by clicking on the link above. 

Still, I didn’t do anything for awhile. Eventually, though, I decided to get in touch with this person and let them know my concerns.

I sent an email to the fraudster and respectfully requested that they remove the interview from their website, and on any other media platform it appeared on. I asked them to stop taking credit for an interview they didn’t do.

There was no response. But I did notice that after I had sent that email the interview appeared on a different podcast platform. 

So I sent a second email.

Still no response. 

The third email I sent was to a major podcast site on which this person had posted the interview advising them of my concerns. The podcast provider sent the fraudster an email, copying me, setting out my concerns and asking that the fraudster respond by a certain date or the podcast would be removed.

The fraudster did not respond. The podcast provider then took down the fraudster’s podcast.

I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out what this person was trying to achieve by stealing an interview and thinking they wouldn’t get caught.

I’ve had other people contact me to ask permission to use audio or a quote from something on my website and they add they will acknowledge where they found it. I have always given my permission. 

There was no request here. Just a blatant theft. 

This is so weird! 


Listen: The original 1990 interview I did with David Cassidy at DC 103.5 radio in Orangeville, Ontario.

Listen: This audio feature about David Cassidy’s 1990 self titled album appeared on the Canadian Press audio line up that year. The feature called One-on-One included audio from the interview I did with Cassidy. That’s what I sounded like at age 26.