Former history librarian Susan Hoffman described Oral History as:”the ultimate example of grass roots social history.”

This episode of Station to Station focuses on the voices from the past, preserved in the Oral History Tape Collection at the Kitchener Public Library. (KPL) The voices you hear share their every day life experiences in the community, while others share stories of international journeys. You will hear the stories of two women who were in the same room with former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill; another who describes starting her life as a writer in the 1930s; a former Mayor who made a deal with the South during the American Civil War; and another who fought in the Spanish Civil War.

To guide you, are four individuals connected to the KPL program: history librarian, Karen Ball-Pyatt; former history librarian, Susan Hoffman; and former interviewers, Frances Hoffman and Dr. Andrew Thomson.

You can listen to the full interview above or download it on iTunes or SoundCloud

Here is a list of other oral history links that may interest you. If you know of any others, please pass them on.