I was inspired to produce this feature after hearing the stories of 5 women who served in both World Wars.

I am a volunteer at the Kitchener Public Library. At present I am transferring cassette interviews from the Grace Schmidt Room into digital format.  The GSR is filled with photos, stories and audio interviews from heritage members of the community. I quickly became side-tracked with the job at hand because I became fascinated with the stories of people who served in the two World Wars.
These stories inspired me to produce a 5 part series for the week of Remembrance Day.  An extended version of the series is posted below. The voices you’ll hear are those of  Waterloo Region’s Women in War, Margaret Schreiter, Dr. Debora Glaister Hannay, Catherine Wilkes Thompson, Ann Screiber and Darlene McClennan.

You can listen to the full interview above or download it on iTunes or SoundCloud.