Love You Forever, it just came out of some personal experiences … I had some baggage about things that had happened to me that I had carried into that story.”

Robert Munsch

And there was along a sing-along portion to the story that the publishers at the time weren’t crazy about.

He sang it for me and I recorded what I thought at the time was a scoop; in only my second interview ever!

Robert Munsch shared stories about his life, the storytelling process and his travels across Canada where he met a legion of young fans.

The interview was recorded on my portable JVC PC 11 stereo at the kitchen table of his home. His wife was preparing a meal and at least one of his children were in the living-room.

A portion of this interview appeared on a show that was on our college radio station, which at the time broadcast to the cafeteria and the student lounge.

Which portion aired, I can’t remember but I am certain it was not the entire interview.


Click play to listen to my interview with Robert Munsch.

The 1986 kitchen interview with storyteller and author Robert Munsch. It would be the first of three times I met the author.

This photo with Bob Munsch was taken in 1991 during a visit to CJEZ-FM in Toronto for an interview to promote a tv special.

*Geographic note: Munsch indicates in the interview that he travelled to Eskimo Point, an Inuit hamlet in Nunavut, on the western shore of Hudson Bay. It was renamed Arviat in June, 1989.

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