Ann Medina discusses her career as a national television reporter with ABC and NBC in the U.S, and in Canada on the CBC, where she worked as a foreign correspondent. Part history lesson, part journalism lecture Ann tells great stories about her life on the road covering a variety of stories including a U.S Presidential election, the middle east, Syria circa 1984 and ‘that hunk’ Dustin Hoffman.



Ann’s feature work regularly appeared on the CBC television news magazine program The Journal. While he admired her work on TV it was the opening comments she made at a Gulf War Symposium in Waterloo, Ontario that would have a lasting impression on Joe.

Military force was threatened by the United Nations Security council against Iraq after the country invaded Kuwait in August 1990. That November the U.N. ordered Iraqi leader Sadaam Hussein to pull his troops out of the tiny oil rich country of Kuwait or face an attack by a group of allies. The deadline was January 15th 1991. Iraq did not comply with the order and a military strike known as Operation Desert Storm was launched.

“Reporters to be reporters must be witnesses.”

Ann Medina January 1991

January 15th was the same day Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario invited a number of guest speakers to make sense of what was happening in the Middle East. Ann Medina was one several speakers on the panel who gave her perspective covering international news for CBC television in Canada.

Listen to Ann’s 1991 speech here:


"Coming home from ‘hell’ in Aug (I believe) 1982, for 3 nights going into West Beirut. Miriam II was the name of the ship." (Ann Medina)
“Coming home from ‘hell’ in Aug (I believe) 1982.[On the ship] for 3 nights, going into West Beirut. Miriam II was the name of the ship.” (Ann Medina)

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