Every year we buy a real Christmas tree to decorate our house for the month of December.

That tree, officially kicks off the holiday season for us. 

That is why every year we trek into “the woods” to cut our own. The “woods” that I am referring to, is actually a Christmas tree farm. 

During one of our traditional trips, I brought along a microphone and recording device to capture the sounds from our search.

The owners of Benjamin Tree Farm , north of Waterloo, started planting trees on their 50 acre farm in 1986.  Benjamin Tree Farm is one of over two thousand cut-your-own tree farms in Canada.

According to 2011 numbers from Statistics Canada, most of these farms are located in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia.

LISTEN: In search of the perfect Christmas tree

We traditionally cut our tree down in late November and keep it up until early January.

Two things can happen when a tree is indoors for that long; either it will start shedding needles and die or there’ll be new growth. The key is keeping the tree well watered.

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