David Suzuki has entered, what he calls, “the death zone”.  In an interview, the Canadian environmentalist explained that turning 80 is a time when you, “reflect on your own mortality and are compelled to speak from the heart.”   Suzuki has been speaking from “the heart” about our planet Earth for many decades. In 1989, I was fortunate enough to interview him about his book, Inventing the Future: Reflections on Science, Technology and Nature. Everyone needs to be part of the solution to save the planet, Suzuki told me.

Here were some of his suggestions on how people could be “part of the solution”:

▪ carry around a cup and avoid using styrofoam [for coffee].
▪ if it’s less than 10 blocks walk or take a bike.
▪ if [a building] is less than four storey’s high [use the stairs, instead of taking the elevator]
▪ buy clothing that lasts many years; it should be fashionable to buy clothing that lasts.
▪ young people should be encouraged to [do without cars].
▪ reduce the [number of] bags of garbage you put to the curb-side each week.

That was his message then. You can read about his message now via his website http://www.davidsuzuki.org